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Job Title: English Language Teaching Positions in Hangzhou, the Best Tourism City of China

Type: Full Time

    1. Native English Speaker
    2. Has a  Bachelor's Degree or above
    3. Has a TESOL or TEFL Certificate

Location: 1158, No.2 Street, International Office, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Xiasha Higher Education Park,  Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310018, P. R. China

Position Details:

The teaching position at Hangzhou Dianzi University is a full-time teaching position.  The instructor should hold 12--16 forty five-minute class periods during a one week period. All preparation for the course, exams, office hours and others are the responsibility of the instructor according to their own time and scheduling. The courses range from freshman “Oral English” to post-graduate “Western Culture and Society”, or English major students “English Writing” and “English Literature”, and most lesson preparation is the responsibility of the instructor. A book will be provided for some courses, but not all. The average class size is about thirty to thirty five students, depending on major and other campus.

Free Housing, including electricity, water and internet:

The housing provided by Hangzhou Dianzi University is among the best in the city.  The instructor is provided (free of charge) an apartment with full utilities, including electricity, water and internet. Each apartment has two bedrooms, with the master bedroom being considerably larger than the second bedroom. It also has a fully functional kitchen, washing machine, bathroom, and enclosed patio. Also provided are: kitchen table with chairs, spare bed, refrigerator, microwave, master bed (queen size), two desks, wardrobe, sitting chairs, water tank, toaster, oven and basic cooking utensils.

Monthly Salary:

More than 6,000RMB per month. There are opportunities for more depending upon the schools needs. For example, teaching more than sixteen courses during a one week period, or English Corners, Intercultural Lecture.

International Flight

The school reimburses the international flights no more than 10,000RMB for one-academic year employment contract. 

Hangzhou Dianzi University will buy health insurance for all of the foreign teachers, including insurance for non-aviation accidents, medical insurance for serious diseases.

Hangzhou City 

Located in the southeastern part of the coastal area of China, Hangzhou is about 150km from Shanghai and is a key city in the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic part of China. It covers an area of 16,596km2 with a resident population of 9 million.
Hangzhou has long been dubbed a blessed land of fish, rice and silk, and is “the paradise on earth”. The city has ranked as one of the happiest Cities in China for eight consecutive years and one of the Best Business-friendly Cities in Chinese Mainland for five years in a row.

The city is one of the key scenic tourism and historical culture cities in China. It is known for its natural beauty of West Lake worldwide. The West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou in China was successfully inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List as a cultural landscape property.

Hangzhou is the original place of China’s e-commerce industry. It is the headquarter of Alibaba.com and home to thousands of small & middle-sized enterprises mainly focused in IT, electronics engineering, biomedical engineering and aviation areas. 

Hangzhou Dianzi University
Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) was originally founded in 1956.Over the decades, it has grown into a multi-disciplinary key institution of higher learning. It was listed among the top 5 universities in Zhejiang Province by the provincial government since 2015 and ranks No. 43 nationwide among sci-tech universities. Nowadays, it is renowned for its advantages in electronics, information science and business management. In the past 60 years since its foundation, HDU has cultivated more than a hundred thousand talents in the field of IT and business management.

Boasting over 20 schools, HDU has a student population of over 28,000 and a faculty of more than 2,300. It offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in engineering, science, economics, management, humanities, law, and art, and doctoral programs in Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, and Computer Science and Technology.

Following the motto of “Being industrious in study and action, keeping integrity and innovation”, HDU has developed tremendously in the past six decades and is now recognized as a key research-teaching university in the province, and a local hub of sci-tech research and technology transformation. 

With a goal of producing professionals with the knowledge to serve rapidly changing technology and conducting cutting-edge research, HDU stands as a catalyst for industrial growth in China and the world.As the capital of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is the center of provincial politics, economy, culture, science and education. G20 Summit Conference 2016 is hosted in Hangzhou.


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