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Intercultural Communication Lecture


    Organized by the International Office, the New Vision lecture series aims to broadern HDU students international vision and practice their English.  The organizer invite the foreign teachers of HDU to introduce their life stories, travelling places, history, geography, customs and cultures of different places, campus life abroad, environmental protection, etc. , which attract nearly 200 students each time. 

    “I really enjoy these lectures. The pictures are amazing. I heard lots of stories which are totally different with my real life. I felt they were far away from me and had nothing to do with me. But through these lectures I have a better understanding to those different people and cultures.” Said one girl.

    Each lecture is divided into two parts: the first 45 minutes are mainly spoke by the foreign teachers in  native English. In this part, the speaker use the PPT to show beautiful pictures and their stories. The second 45 minutes is for communication between the listeners and the speaker. The listeners are free to propose questions they are interested, and get an answer from the speaker. Usually the question and answer part is the  most wonderful part of the whole lecture. 

    “My English is not that good, but I can understand most of the lecture. I know what they are talking aobut. Now I’m more confident with my English.” A sophomore told us.

     The New Vision lecture is on every Monday evening between 6:30 and 8:00pm at Room 105, Building 3. It's open to all HDU students. We also welcome more teachers to contribute their brilliant stories.