HangZhou Dianzi University

Foreign Experts

Salary Check



    The foreign teachers are living in a seperate section of a building called CHUN HUI on the Wenyi campus downtown. It's only 15 minutes by bicycle to the West Lake and a 10-minutes walk to the Grand Cannel. The school buses park just outside of the building, it’s 2-minute walk from your door.  A small hotel is next to the CHUN HUI building, where you can accommodate your friends during their visit. Also, it's very convinient to go shopping, looking for delious food and hang out for fun. There is a Vangard supermarket (about 10minutes by walking), a Wumart supermarket (3 bus stops away),   a vegetable market just opposite the campus. If you want to cook for yourself, you may buy fresh vegetables everyday by just walking across a small bridge. If you don’t want to cook, you may use the campus card to eat at the cafeteria, which is opporsite the apartment builiding.

The following are pictures of the apartment:





Living Room