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Teaching for HDU has been a very rewarding experience, and an experience I will greatly miss now that I’m leaving. The students are amazing, the faculty are some of my best friends, the apartment was better than any of my other friends’ apartments teaching at other universities, and the location of the Wenyi campus [where the teachers live] is such a great location within the city. I will truly miss HDU.” --Peter Phippen (English teacher of HDU, 2006~2007)


When rating this [HDU apartment] apartment with mine, it’s so much better. It’s cozier. It’s bigger.” --Vicki Mui (English teacher at another university)



Position Details: 

    The teaching position at Hangzhou Dianzi University is a full-time teaching position. The instructor must hold sixteen forty five-minute class periods during a week period. All preparation for the course, exams, office hours, etc. are the responsibility of the instructor according to their own time and scheduling. The courses range from freshman “Spoken English” to post-graduate “Culture English”, or English major students “English Writing” and “English Literature”, and most lesson preparation is the responsibility of the instructor. A book will be provided for some courses, but not all. Teaching is conducted at one or more of Hangzhou Dianzi University’s four campuses: Xiasha (main campus), Wenyi (College of Information Engineering) Dongyue (College of Information Engineering) and Xiasha Eastv (Vocational Software Engineering). The average class size is about thirty to fourty five students, depending on major and campus.

Teaching Courses:
  • For non-English major undergraduate and graduate students: Listening & Speaking English, English Writin, English Speaking and Writing.
     For English major undergraduate students:  Oral English, English Writing, English Newspaper Reading, etc.
  • Full workload: 14~16 periods a week, plus 2~3 times of English Corner per semester (with pay). Each period 45 minutes. Each time of English Corner about 1.5 hour.

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  • Bachelor's degree required. Master’s degree in English, education or related field preferred;
  • English Native speakers;
  • TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred;
  • Cooperative and team player.
    The university provides free apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. We do not provide free food.
Monthly Salary:
    The monthly income is varied between 4,600RMB and 5,200RMB (base salaries) according to different degree levels and teaching experiences. A monthly traffic subsidy of 200RMB is a special benefit, though there are free school buses. There are opportunities for more depending upon the schools needs. For example, teaching more than sixteen courses during a one week period, or English Corner.
International Flight and Luggage Subsidy:
    The school reimburses the international flights with no more than 8000RMB for one-academic year contract. With no flight tickets, 6000RMB cash will be delivered by the end of the contract.
 The school also provide Luggage subsidy, which is unique among other universities. The amount is RMB500 or RMB1000 depends on he/she comes from China or foreign countries.