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Dianzi University Library was founded in 1956, under the name of Hangzhou Wireless Industry School Library. Following the changes of the University’s name, it Changed to Hangzhou Institute of Electronic and Engineering Library, and in 2004, it gained its present name. The old building of HDU Library located in Wenyi campus has an area of 6,400 square meters and the new building located in Xiasha campus has an area of 28,000 Square meters.

Hangzhou Dianzi University Library's collection is emphasized on Science and Technology and also covers broad subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The total collections of HDU Library amounts to 2.46 million volumes, including 1460,000 printed books, 1000,000 e-books, 30,00 Hangzhou Dianzi University theses, more than 2,500 current serials and 50 titles of online databases.

The Library provides traditional and innovative services to users by various technological means. From publications and databases selection, acquisition and cataloging, online reference service, to database search, operation of electronic resources, Subject Librarian and experienced staff members are committed to meeting the needs of the academic community of the University. All the Library Resources are open to readers. There are professional staffs that maintain the Library website and update the data regularly. In order to strengthen the connection between reader and library, and to solve the problems that readers met in using library in time, there are also professional staff to reply the readers messages at guestbook or BBS.

The Library has Departments of Administrative Office, Acquisition and Cataloging, Readers Services ,Reference Services, Information Technology Services. The Library staffs consists of 66 members:7 with Senior Professional title, 40 with Intermediate title and 19 with primary title. And there are 8 of the Library staff having master's degree, 21 bachelor's degree and 22 Associate degree. 

For more information of HDU Library, please click here: http://www.lib.hdu.edu.cn/en/index1.htm

LOCAL RESTAURANTS (all located within a 20 minute walk of Wenyi Campus)


Greedy Cat Restaurant (小馋猫鲜味馆)

ADDRESS:97 North Baochu Road (保俶北路97)

Phone Number: 0571-8880249


A favorite of past HDU teachers, the Greedy Cat Restaurant is located just outside the West Gate of Wenyi Campus, less than a 10-minute walk away from the foreign teacher apartments. Simply turn left after exiting the gate, and you’ll see the Greedy Cat sign. The restaurant offers a fairly standard selection of Chinese dishes, but they do it well. Another plus; the dishes are quite inexpensive. Try the Sweet and Sour Pork (táng cù lǐjí). Dishes change depending on what crops are in season.


Hunan Hometown Taste (家乡滋味)

ADDRESS:193 Jiaogong Road (教工路193)

Phone Number: 15005815510


Referred to by teachers in past years simply as the Comrade restaurant (due to the propaganda posters on the walls), Hometown Taste specializes in dishes from Hunan province. Regional dishes of Hunan Province, referred to as the land of Rice and Fishes, make use of simmering, steaming, stewing and frying. Not recommended if you don’t like spicy food. The Japanese tofu (rìběn dòufu) is also good here.


Xin Tian Yuan (鑫天源)

ADDRESS:#25-#26 Shun Yi South Commerce Street (信义南坊商业街25#-26)

Phone Number: 0571-88269706


Xin Tian Yuan specializes in North Eastern Chinese dishes (dōngběi cài). Dōngběi cài consists of a wide variety of meat dishes (lamb, mutton, beef) served in rich, oily sauces. Most dishes also come seasoned with garlic and spring onions. Pancakes and dumplings also feature heavily. All of this salty, greasy food goes great with a few beers. Finding Xin Tian Yuan can be a bit tricky, but the search is well worth it. From the West Gate of Wenyi Campus, take a left down Baochu lu and continue down Xixihexia lu until it ends. Cross over Moganshan lu, and continue straight down Shun Yi South Commerce Street. Xin Tian Yuan is towards the end of this street. When the weather’s nice, grab a seat outside.


Korean Fast Food

ADDRESS:181 Wener Road  (文二路181号,教工路口)

Phone Number: 0571-88835898


A great place if you’re looking for something slightly different after having Chinese food one-too many times. This restaurant offers a good variety of Korean-style dishes, and makes a great place for a quick lunch or dinner. The dishes here are individual and not communal. Expect to pay a bit more here than at a Chinese restaurant.







Vanguard (华润超市,云河店)

ADDRESS:73 Wenyi Road  (文一路73)

9:30am - 10pm


Vanguard is the closest Western-style supermarket to Wenyi campus. From the West Gate, turn left towards Wenyi Road. At Wenyi Road, take a right. Vanguard is about a 15 minute down the road. Most of the food products at Vanguard are Chinese, but there is a small variety of Western products like bread and cheese. If you have a picky pallet though, better look elsewhere for Western groceries. Taste preferences aside, Vanguard is a good place to stock up on pretty much everything else you might need (electronics, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies).


Metro (麦德龙,艮山店)

355 East Genshan Road (艮山东路355)

9:30am - 10pm


Metro has just about everything, from electronics to imported wines. For hard to find Western groceries, Metro’s the place to go. In order to shop at Metro, you need to register for a membership card (but this is a fairly painless procedure, and there will be someone there that speaks English to help you). Most teachers end up paying more than they expect on their first visit, so keep in mind that they only accept cash payment. It’s a bit a trek into Hangzhou’s eastside to get there. You can take bus B1, but hauling all your stuff back home can be a bit tricky. It’s best to take a cab on the way back.


Century Mart, Fengqi Branch (世纪联华凤起店)

521 Fengqi Rd. 凤起路521号)


Century mart, like Metro, has a good selection of foreign groceries and other products located on the top floor. A good place to go if you’re craving something like Western breakfast cereal or granola bars and don’t feel like going all the way out to East Hangzhou.



BOKU Bookstore (博库书城)

38 Wen'er Road Macheng Rd.(杭州市文二路38号)

9:00am - 9:00pm

0571-8883 1111 ext. 8620


If you’re running low on reading material, BOKU bookstore (located a short walk away from Wenyi campus) has a fairly good selection of English books located on the top floor. Ask for the foreign language section (wàiwén túshū). You might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you browse around a bit, you’ll undoubtedly find something that peaks your interest.




Gome Household Appliances (国美电器,教工店)

1/F, Qiushi Mansion, 6 Jiaogong Road 教工路6号求是大厦1楼)

9:30am - 9:30pm

Gome (pronounced “guo mei”) has some of the best prices in the city for name-brand electronics. Whatever you’re looking for, you can probably find it here. Expect to pay more than at an electronics market, but the upside is that you know what you’re getting is real.


Electronics Market


There are a number of multistory electronics markets on Wen’san Road, running from approximately Jiaogong Road in the East and Xuayuan Road to the West. You can find pretty much every type of electronic item you’d want here (video games, cell phones, computer software, mp3 players, laptop computers, etc.).





As most foreign teachers don’t want to drop a large sum of money on a bicycle they’ll only need for a year or two, it’s better to buy used. The following two locations are both massive used bike markets where you can find a decent bicycle for as low as RMB 100 if you have the bargaining skills. Word of warning: the vendors will try to rip you off, so be weary.


Bike Market of Zhejiang.

Zhejiang Sheng Hangzhou Shi Jiang Gan Qu Kai Xuan Lu #319



Used Bicycle Market

Just outside the Old East Hangzhou Bus Station


As this market isn’t exactly “official”, per se, there’s no official address. If you spend some time walking around the East Hangzhou Bus Station though, you’ll run into someone offering to show you his or her bicycle selection. Somewhat sketchy, but the best way to get a high-quality bike at a low price.



Public Bicycle Rentals

To rent one of the red public bicycles you see around Hangzhou, head to your nearest Hangzhou Public Transit office and apply for a bus card. They’ll ask for a 200 RMB deposit for the card, which is good for both riding public transit and for renting public bicycles. The Z card is exclusively for bike rentals. If you want to rent a bike with the card, simply find your closest station and swipe the card to release a bike. It’s free for the first hour, two yuan for the second hour, and three yuan an hour after that. There’s a bicycle station located outside of Wenyi campus East Gate. Just exit the gate, turn right, and walk for approximately 2 minutes. The major complaint from people is that sometimes it’s difficult to find a bike station where they can drop the bike off when they’re done, as the stations fill up in the evening.





Vineyard Café



1/F, Zhongtian Mansion, 173 Yugu Road


0571 8763 2388

135 8876 5132


If you’re newly arrived to Hangzhou and looking to hook up with the expat community, the Vineyard’s a good place to start. However, you have to know when to go, as some nights the place is nearly deserted. If singing is your thing, stop by on Tuesday for karaoke night. Drink specials change every week, but there’s almost always something being discounted. Thursday night is trivia night, and the place normally gets packed starting around 7:30 PM. Trivia itself starts at 8 PM (there’s a limit of 6 people per team). Thursday nights also feature the 50 RMB for one cheeseburger and one draft beer deal. On Fridays, the Vineyard normally hosts a BBQ with food by the American Chef Marley. Prices change, but normally its 50 RMB for cheeseburgers, 50 RMB for BBQ ribs, and 15 RMB for Tsingtao.



Maya Bar


Noon - 2am

94 Baishaquan, Shuguang Rd.


0571 8799 7628


Maya Bar is widely regarded as the “expat hangout” in Hangzhou, and it does certainly retain a loyal group of regular customers. It gets particularly crowded on Tuesday nights, which is when beer is offered at discounted prices before 9 PM (at least at the time this brochure was written). Try the margaritas. At 100 RMB each, the price is a little steep, but the staff makes them strong to make that extra kuai worth it. Maya Bar also offers burritos and nachos, though at 50 RMB and up, they’re slightly overpriced. And anyone who’s had much authentic Mexican food will probably find himself or herself disappointed by the lack of cheese and salsa. 



Expat Magazines and Website in Hangzhou


More Hangzhou Magazine



Started on January 1st, 2005, More Hangzhou is a community-driven magazine offering monthly articles on events and locations in Hangzhou. Their website is possibly more useful than the magazine itself, as the forum receives a fairly heavy flow of Internet traffic.  You can pick up the magazine at most foreigner-frequented hotels and bars.


That’s Intouch Zhejiang Magazine


That’s Intouch Zhejiang is Zhejiang Provinces “official expat magazine,” and is distributed throughout the Province. While not as widely distributed within Hangzhou as More Hangzhou Magazine, That’s Intouch typically has less advertising and more in-depth articles. You can pick it up a scattering of cafes, bars, and hotels around the city, as well as all Subway sandwich shops.



Hangzhou City Guide



Hangzhou Expat Forum